As trans women, we face a lot of stigma in all aspects of our everyday lives. If there is one element though, in our lives that is constantly targeted, it's our sexuality. We are often portrayed as provocative, devious enough to "trick" "innocent" men and obsessed about our sexuality. Have you ever tried to imagine a scientific theory, which tries to confirm the above false stereotypes?

This Saturday we will talk about the theory of autogynephilia and Crossdreaming. We will talk about the scientific basis and the inaccuracies of the first, explain what crossdreaming is and have a conversation on the relationship between gender and sexuality.and sexuality.

Warning: The topic is, obviously, a quite sensitive one, and remarkably transphobic thoughts and opinions will be mentioned, in order to analyse them

We will be waiting for you in our place, this Saturday at 18:30!

P.S: In order to maintain a safe space for all people, it is important for all of us that will be attending, to avoid making assumptions about other people’s gender (or other identitites) and to respect the way they identify (eg using correct pronouns and names).

Saturday Meeting Details:
Day: Saturday 8/7
Time: 18:30 p.m. – 21:30 p.m.
Place: Colour Youth (Sachtouri 3, Psirri)