Summer is here and, while we proudly continue our tour around Greece for pride season, we are ready to begin our final theme circle, before our fabulous closure (no spoilers here). For the next three Saturdays we will take about trans issues, starting this Saturday with a small and cute trans 101 and some tips for cis allies.

– You are still confused about terms such as misgendering, genderqueer, non binary?
– You aren’t sure what differentiates gender identity from gender expression?
– You want to become a good ally for trans people, but you are not sure how you can help?

Then this meeting is exactly what you need! Prepare your questions and come to meet us in our place, this Saturday at 18:30!

P.S: In order to maintain a safe space for all people, it is important for all of us that will be attending, to avoid making assumptions about other people’s gender (or other identitites) and to respect the way they identify (eg using correct pronouns and names).

Saturday Meeting Details:
Day: Saturday 24/6
Time: 18:30 p.m. – 21:00 p.m.
Place: Colour Youth (Sachtouri 3, Psirri)